Mysteries of the Female

Why were you born with a female body?

What untapped potential lies hidden deep within your own femininity?

Centuries of inequality between men and women have only confirmed that we have lost touch with the true nature and purpose of gender. In this course we are reminded that the whole purpose of being born as a man or woman is to unfold our full potential as males or females – our masculinity or our femininity.

Yet, how many women today try to emulate men, and vice-versa? And how many men and women are feeling disillusioned and unfulfilled because of this?

Men and women are equal, but opposite polarities, and as such have different functions and purposes. Humanity has lost this knowledge, and consequently the true roles of the male and female are no longer understood.

“As a result, men have become weak and disempowered, and women, having had to fight for acknowledgement within society, have lost touch with their femininity through the pursuit of male-like qualities”


Nowadays we are constantly being shown that women can do most of the things that men once considered their prerogative, and vice-versa. However, simply to change roles is not the solution. Unless we understand what it means to be male and what it means to be female, we will still be left with each sex feeling isolated and marginalised, as each struggles to find its identity through the opposite sex

In this course, Elizabeth leads us through myth to a new understanding of the real nature of femininity. She shows how women can use these principles in order to access the true female and to find deep and lasting fulfillment and meaning in their lives. She reveals the keys to how men and women together can learn to co-operate intelligently in order to build a life of joy and to realise their full potential.

Elizabeth takes us through the mysterious stages of a female – from prior to puberty to puberty; from puberty to becoming a fertile virgin; from fertile virgin to maturity; from menopause to either the Wise Old Woman - or the “toothless old hag”, that everyone fears!

It is principally this last massive and apparently unpredictable change, meno-pause, this awesome aspect of the mystery of the female that occurs within the female, that so many men and women have turned into a taboo subject to be feared!


  • Dispelling the myths born of social conditioning, thus exploding the myths behind womanhood.
  • The Female in the Male World.
  • Entering the world of the true female.
  • How to understand and unfold the full potential of your femininity.
  • Recognising the dual nature of the female.
  • The place of role models.
  • The effects on women of over-dominant mothers and weak fathers.
  • The secrets of successful relationships.

In this course we look at commonly-held beliefs about men and women and give new definitions. We look at role models and the effects on both sexes of weak fathers and over-dominant mothers. By constantly challenging the accepted roles, we lead you to a new understanding of men and women and how they can work together.

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