Threshold to Excellence

The most important relationship you need to work on is the relationship with yourself because:

if you do not respect yourself,
if you do not value yourself,
if you do not trust yourself,
then who will?
If you do not love yourself, then why should anybody else?

All too often we seek to avoid taking responsibility for our lives, reacting to situations with blame and anger. It is not surprising that we end up feeling powerless and victimised in a world that is unfair and unjust, and has no meaning.

We will show you a different world – a world in which you can learn to take control of your life's circumstances; a world in which you are no longer a victim but a victor – free to live your life rather than just existing.

“Nothing can quite match knowing that you are equipped to handle every challenge that arises in your life”


Responsibility means the “ability to respond” and through learning to take responsibility for your life, you will start to experience and unfold your own strengths, creativity and joy.

Nothing can quite match knowing that you are equipped to handle every challenge that arises in your life.

Along with the development of your own power and uniqueness, you will begin to notice the beauty and mystery in your life and we will teach you how to make these qualities grow.

Threshold to Excellence starts off by giving you the chance to discover exactly where you are in your life, how you feel about yourself, and how you react to others.This is important because it is impossible to move forward in the right direction until you know from where you are starting. We will explore what is happening now, in all areas of your life.

Once this has been established, we give you the tools to move forward in the direction you choose.

We teach you to handle the challenges that come your way, enabling you to move through them with skill, rather than avoiding or running away from them.

We teach you:

  • How to get back in touch with your emotions and how to use them.
  • That you are not your behaviour; you are not defined by what you have done. You are not your mistakes.
  • The true meaning of responsibility, and how to work with it.
  • How to create value in your life.
  • How to move from victim to victor.
  • The keys to trusting yourself.
  • To move beyond the limitations of perfectionism, and instead aim for impeccability.
  • How to get out of limbo and create a vision for yourself.

Our courses assume no prior knowledge or particular standard of education. We start with the basic principles and we move forward from there, always remembering that we need a firm foundation to succeed.

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