Panagiota Kontoleon<br/>Athens, Greece

Panagiota Kontoleon
Athens, Greece

“The ISM courses are an experience that cannot be fully described with words. I attended my first course back in September 2010 and since then I have not missed a single course!

Elizabeth Schnugh, through these courses, has changed my life. Unlike other courses I had attended in the past, which were only theory, in the ISM courses I was provided with the tools to confront my challenges in life, tackle my fears and obtain clarity about myself.

The courses have helped me see myself for who and what I really am, and understand where I had taken the wrong turns in life and why. Elizabeth has provided me with the tools to change old patterns of behaviour that were leading me nowhere in life.

Once I changed, the ripple effects were amazing! I could see the people around me were changing; at home, at work, everywhere. This is not happening overnight and that's the end of it. LOL! It is an ongoing process, life is a process, but now I catch myself when I fall, or am about to fall, into old patterns of behaviour, and this way I correct my course faster each time, and laugh at my folly!

Elizabeth has taught me to have fun in the process and when I look back, I now see how far I have come!

My life has now a different meaning, it is more fulfilling and peaceful, and I feel stronger than ever. These courses are a MUST for everybody, as the more of us who uplift ourselves, the more the ripple effects around us. We all deserve to be uplifted, so do not hesitate to join us in this journey!”

Tina Botton<br/>South Africa

Tina Botton
South Africa

“My life changed about 19 years ago when I did two courses and met Elizabeth for the very first time. My life changed even more when I started working with Elizabeth at ISM and she started running her own courses from home in Cape Town.

John, my husband was on his first solo flight and I was assisting. This is when both our lives changed forever, but this is my testimonial, not his. I have done all Elizabeth's courses, some more than others and on each course, whether I am a participant or an assistant, I learn more about myself every time.

The biggest lesson I learnt which has taken me many, many years to acknowledge is that I'm not stupid, I am beautiful and powerful and strong. It is such an awesome feeling, but being human, I can quite easily forget again.

Elizabeth is a hard taskmaster and doesn't let any small detail slip or go unnoticed, HOWEVER, she will guide you with love, determination, strength and above all, will give you an amazing mirror of the beauty and mystery of a female.

Just recently, I along with John, assisted Elizabeth on the Frontiers of the Self course, in Ireland. The course was attended by participants from all over the world. On the plane, I remember feeling quite 'out of place' actually, here were these participants who had done some courses with Elizabeth, here was I, who for about 12 of the 19 years hadn't done anymore courses with Elizabeth and I was jetting off to Ireland to assist. Oh boy.

Frontiers in Ireland for me, was like being reborn again. It was the most amazing course ever. Even though the tools learnt over the past courses are implemented in our daily lives and our workplace, with our children and our staff, somehow along the way complacency sets in and the same old, same old occurs.

Being with such amazing people, all hungry to learn and eager to change was awe inspiring and very humbling for me. I also quickly realised how uplifting it was for me to be with them. The feeling was completely different to those many years ago. Over the 4 days, I learnt more, partook in more, shared more and gave more than ever before. Refreshed and once again, on purpose, my journey continues, this time though with a higher level of knowledge and a family that I am so proud to be a member of – The ISM family ”

John Botton<br/>Cape Town, South Africa

John Botton
Cape Town, South Africa

“When I was first introduced to ISM in 2006, my life was literally falling apart and I was completely unaware of how close I was to melt down. My romantic relationship with my wife was on the rocks, my business was insolvent and my relationship with myself was in tatters. I was all but washed up!

I attended my first ISM workshop expecting just another lecture on what was wrong with my life. In fact I got just the opposite.

What Elizabeth and the ISM teaching gave me was not only a chance to re-evaluate where I was in my life in a safe and caring environment, but the tools to move forward in my life. These practical life skills tools were invaluable in rebuilding my trust and belief in myself and to know that I am worth it.

After attending all of the ISM courses and experiencing the uplifting guidance and support offered to me, I was able to get my life back on track. Today I enjoy a loving relationship with my wife and family, I am financially independent and would never look back.

I urge anyone looking for real meaning in his or her life to embark on a journey of real self discovery with ISM.”

Dylan Miles<br/>Cape Town, South Africa

Dylan Miles
Cape Town, South Africa

“The Relationship 1 course I attended in Ireland touched me deeply. I found the mix between theory and practice expertly facilitated by Elizabeth, who has an awesome way of weaving the theoretical elements into the actual sharing of the participants.

I had a basic understanding of most of the concepts before attending the course from reading the books. But the presentation of the theory with real life examples in a group environment helped me fill in gaps in my understanding I had not got from the books.

The practical side, however, was the real clincher for me, where we got to not only listen to feelings but actually work with them in a practical way.

I learned that I can hear my inner female and that I am actually very good at listening to her. However, the problem was around trusting this inner guidance. Being able to voice my feelings during the practical exercises in the safe space of the group allowed me to gain this trust in myself and refine my skill in listening even more. Then once a feeling has been heard, to actually work practically with this feeling and derive a practical strategy which can be acted on was of immense value to me.

During this process I learned to swap between the relative male and female gender roles in order to work more intelligently in all my relationships.

The group on the course showed me how powerful group work is and how powerful the course is for groups who want to work together. I used to have the mindset that I can learn everything on my own. What I did not realize is that working in a group of people who are sincere about learning about themselves creates a much more intense focus and so makes the personal work easier than in the day-to-day of my existing life - and so accelerated my learning immensely.

What is really important for me is what happens after a course like this. I was able to uncover a victim approach I had to life based on resentment that I held towards my mother. The resentment has always caused me to "rebel" with passive resistance against females in my life. I also felt huge guilt in my hidden rebellion, which I always tried to overcome with forcing, causing many painful patterns in my life. Finding this allowed me to simply drop the resentment. My daily interactions with the females in my life, including my mother, are improving in leaps and bounds.

We were reminded by Elizabeth to also include the positive in our work. I learned a lot about what I am already doing right and can give myself credit for how far I have already come.

I can without reservation recommend this course to any group, individual or couple who are sincere in their wish to learn more about how to relate more meaningfully to the world around them.” 

Patrick Power<br/>Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Patrick Power
Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland

“Thank you Elizabeth for the wonder-full gift you have enabled me to give to myself and those around me.

I have participated on almost all the courses that have been available to me over the last few years. What I can say is that these courses have given me the tools to change my life.

In Greece, there is what could be described as an admonition at the entrance to the ancient Temple of Apollo at Delphi. It reads "Know thyself". Delphi was a centre of learning and this admonition dated back to the time of Pythagoras or even as far back as the time of Orpheus. This is what Elizabeth Schnugh, though the Institute for the Study of Man is doing. Giving those who are willing to help themselves the tools they need to "Know thyself".

My life has changed because I have changed. In learning about who I am, I have uncovered many behaviour patterns that were keeping me stuck in old ways that no longer served me or those around me. My life has become a journey that is exciting, joy-full and much more fulfilling.

I feared conflict because I never learned how to handle it properly. What a difference it makes to know that it is OK to be vulnerable and to trust the process of life. I have learned that freedom comes from being defense-less, instead of trying to defend an image that everyone can see through. I am learning every day how to be real. :-)”

Peggy ter Haak<br/>Rotterdam, Netherlands

Peggy ter Haak
Rotterdam, Netherlands

“I feel deeply honoured knowing Elizabeth Schnugh and having been able to attend the ISM-courses with her. Elizabeth combines a tremendous sharpness of mind with a huge love for life and people. She is a great example for me in how to truly live your potential and going all the way, giving it all and doing what is required.

Elizabeth shows me how to live life without compromising, honoring it fully. And honoring yourSELF in that, in such a way that you and all around you live up to your potential.

The ISM-courses are an amazing experience. In only three days you meet yourself, your fellow participants and Elizabeth in a way that is not common elsewhere. It is like being in a pressure cooker; no way you can escape, no way you want to escape. You are confronted with your behaviour, your tendencies and your belief in life (more often, your lack of it ;-)). And learn to trust life again and yourself. And ACT for what is required, to truly live your path with a heart. Life changing, nothing less!”

Steven Somsen<br/>Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Steven Somsen
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“I have done a lot of personal development courses in my life of 60 years. Some of them were very good but what makes this course special is:

  • the originality and power of the underlying concepts; I have never met such a depth, richness and subtlety;
  • the international character of its participants which creates a very wide feeling and a great variety of mirrors;
  • the heartfelt ruthlessness which is practised: no sentimentality but honest looking at oneself and each other but always from an open heart and respect;
  • the emphasis on personal responsibility and ACTION: what am I going to DO?

What I personally experienced:

  • I enjoy so much to be part of a group of people who are willing to become real and put themselves on the line. It truly inspires me.
  • It also truly invigorates me physically to be in such a mood. I feel ageless; it's high time to let go of ideas about who I am.
  • I could see how often I play the little boy in relation to the woman I relate with, and how this calls forth the mother in her.
  • My heart knows so clearly what it wants: it's wide and fiery. It's adventure it wants.
  • Fear is a big factor in my life. I see it has to be tackled, otherwise it stops the flow and joy of life.
  • Taking ACTION is the key, instead of analysis-paralysis.
  • To be truly alive needs ALL of me, all of my courage.
  • What resounded deeply was trust in my ability to hunt, that I have all the answers.

It was a privilege to do this course together with the woman I am sharing my life with.
Elizabeth is leading the course in a very clear and ruthlessly loving way. She is a great example.”

Garrett Murrin<br/>Edmonton, Canada

Garrett Murrin
Edmonton, Canada

“I was deeply affected by all aspects of the Relationships One course; the facilitator and the material; the other participants and gatherings with them each day after the course; listening and sharing what we were uncovering about ourselves, along with much shared laughter.

I found Elizabeth Schnugh to be one of the most masterful artists I have ever had the priviledge and pleasure of learning with. I say masterful artist because of the way she wove our personal experiences and hers into the material. This made the course very practical and experiential rather than an intellectual exercise.

Her unwavering focus on supporting us and encouraging us to be all we are had a very positive effect on us. Not to mention the laughter and fun she wove into the mix. One could not help but want to open one's heart and share it with everyone in such an environment. In that sharing I touched off of something within me that I feel is the true me. The experience of the course showed me how to practically carry that forward into my daily life.

I found the course material to be deeply profound in its implications yet focused in a beautifully simple fashion. I am not saying the material was not challenging! On the contrary, the material touched off my previous life's experiences and in many cases confirmed for me the things I was getting right in my life but did not know how to repeat.

This challenged my lack of belief in myself in a huge way! It also showed me through experience how to proceed in learning. There is something magical about the material, for when I attempt to think about it, it does not lend itself to much thinking, yet when I act it's somehow readily accessible, LOL!

The other participants were also an amazing experience for me! To be able to connect with people on that level makes my heart sing! To witness other people opening up and sharing more of who they are with us all is a priceless gift; I felt honoured and humbled by the experience.

Each step taken by any one of us created a harmony, and the more we opened the stronger the harmony, and the stronger the harmony the more we opened. I also feel that because people truly shared themselves with me I carry something about them forward with me and it adds to my strength and resolve to live my life to the full.

I am in no way saying that I can now sit back and relax because I have it all sorted, LOL! No, I want to be a part of my Life more than ever, I want to embrace myself and all that my life offers me. My life is filled to the brim with challenges, but for many years I saw these as a burden of problems to be solved as quickly as possible or endured until I could finally be rid of them.

This course provided a means for me to shift away from those beliefs and step into a new vitality. I touched off something within myself that has always been there and it felt true and real and I am willing to risk to live more of it. I can no longer hide out in my lack of belief in myself - and that is a gift delivered to me with such skill, love and support that I am in awe!

In humble gratitude."

"An update if I may.

I have now done a number of the ISM courses given by Elizabeth Schnugh, in fact, almost all of them. Because of this my life has changed and continues to change in so many ways, and all of them for the better.

I could not have imagined my life as it is now even several years ago. LOL!

The difference?

I am following through on my dreams with action, whereas in the past I dreamed, but lacked the wherewithal to follow through on those dreams.

The biggest element of this change is not giving up when the challenges come, whereas in the past I would tell myself the challenge, whatever it happened to be, was insurmountable or I had no hope of succeeding.

I have no idea where my life will take me, and that for me now is something I say with joy.”

Avril Murrin<br/>Edmonton, Canada

Avril Murrin
Edmonton, Canada

“To begin, I would like to share about my time before and about my decision to attend the Relationships 1 Course, as I feel these to be important aspects my whole experience.

Before attending the course I was beginning to feel less and less connected to myself and my husband than I had in quite some time. We had been married for just over three months and I couldn't recall ever being so miserable in our relationship of six years.

I had known before getting married that we would have many challenges and that it would be a lot of work. We had already been working on our relationship so I had thought it would just be more of the same. Well, it wasn't; the marriage took us to a much deeper level of commitment. This was a beautiful, yet daunting feeling.

We had developed many patterns between us since the very early days of dating, and I saw the Relationships Course as an opportunity to help us learn how to shift out of these. I don't want to spend my life with this man going through the same issues year after year.

I also wanted to attend to learn how to have a better relationship with myself. If I can't get along with, love, and accept myself, how can I co-operate with and fully love and accept the people I have relationships with?

I feel the course is amazing! I went there with an idea to work on what seemed a rather specific issue, as vast as the subject of relationships is. I had no idea how many layers and intricacies would come up. I was able to see and feel so much of my behaviour and experiences and learn a great deal about them.

The concepts and exercises that Elizabeth Schnugh so masterfully and eloquently presented to us fit seamlessly into everything that the participants brought to the course. The course content with the sharing, questions, and laughter flowed with such precision one would think it was all planned out perfectly.

Yet, how can you plan for what the participants bring up throughout the day?

Elizabeth created time and space for everything without a blip. I learned so much just being in that flow.

Throughout the course I felt fear, sadness, anger, and joy. I connected with and felt a level of warmth which I don't believe I've felt before towards myself, my husband, and the other participants.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the Relationships I Course. The tools and skills I brought home with me are simple, yet extremely effective to assist me in co-operating more intelligently in all of my relationships, including the one with myself.”

Jana Chalupková<br/>Slovakia

Jana Chalupková

“When speaking about truly life-changing experiences and meeting people that have brought such experiences and knowledge into my life, Lady Elizabeth Schnugh is one of very few such people I have had priviledge to meet.

Opportunities to attend and partake in the courses that offer guidance and tools offered by Elizabeth who is facilitating these courses, are not only wonderful meetings with friends from any country of the World, but always meeting and seeing people walking the same path.

The path with understanding, knowledge of self and relationship with self. Finding own and heart-singing way to uplift the self, first of all, and by this to uplift everyone and everything around.

And this everything bringing feeling and connection with Self, bringing real harmony, balance and joy into one's life.

Lady Elizabeth, my deep and heartfelt gratitude for everything.”

Andrew Waters<br/>USA

Andrew Waters

“Elizabeth Schnugh has a profound ability to make learning both meaningful and fun!

The Institute for the Study of Man begins with the premise that the study of Man is not a dry subject, full of facts and figures, but is in fact the study of us... real live people, with personalities, feelings, shortcomings... in short - the study of ourselves in the truest sense of the word.

For me personally, attending Elizabeth's courses has been one of the highlights of my life and I urge everyone to treat themselves by participating first hand. The courses have helped me experience life in a more joyful, fulfilling, and meaningful way. You owe it to your self!”

Oliver Müller<br/>Sussex, UK

Oliver Müller
Sussex, UK

“Each and every ISM course has been a deeply moving but also hugely enjoyable experience for me. After every course I understand myself better, accept myself more and embrace life more than before.

Elizabeth is a very skilled guide, very experienced, and also has a great sense of humour. You get so much from these courses that money can't buy; they are an investment for life. If you are in any doubt, go!”

Ivelina Stoyanova<br/>Bath, UK

Ivelina Stoyanova
Bath, UK

“I have been to several of the courses of the ISM facilitated by Elizabeth, and I can honestly say that they changed my life.

This is not a miracle that happens overnight. I was a bit sceptical at first, being closed to people and generally afraid to open up to them, I attended my first course (Relationships I) because of my husband. The first course for me was all about the challenge of becoming real. That is when the change started...

The courses are not about obtaining a universal formula how to be happy or to succeed in life. They gave me better understanding of WHY I am where I am, and HOW to get where I want to be.

For me, the most difficult of all is to be totally honest to myself, to accept, respect and love myself, as well as the realisation that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life (and not a victim of the circumstances). To accept my challenges and face them because they are not there to destroy me but to make me stronger through learning.

I would like to emphasise though, that once on the path of learning about yourself, you cannot quit, you cannot hide or give up :-) No matter how hard the waves of life strike me, I get up and go on. I am committed to follow my heart, to learn and fight for myself.

Most importantly, I met all these wonderful friends - brave and honest, who share the journey with me and will always have a very special place in my heart.

Elizabeth is always very gentle but ruthless to guide you to where your challenge lies and what you need to face. I never felt wrong or inadequate at the courses but could openly laugh with the others at my own foolishness :-)”

Zhivko Stoyanov<br/>Bath UK

Zhivko Stoyanov
Bath UK

“When everything is fine in my life and I am doing the things right and the right things, I need no courses. Yet, I need to remind myself that I, like everyone else, need an acknowledgement. But for me, it is somehow much easier to be focused on the negative and to worry - to "prepare" myself for the moment when Life gives me a slap on the face.

I am sensitive to getting disapproval, and when I think I am getting one, as a habit, I start feeling bad about myself. So I start a chain of reactions based on that perception - that I am bad, incapable, stupid, slow, a burden to those around me ..... I either defend my low self-image, or sink into self pity, suppressed anger and melancholy...

This approach has always made me feel that I am missing something - that I am losing, so to speak - even if I manage to convince everyone that I am good.

Elizabeth, through the ISM courses, has showed me that instead of feeling bad about myself - I can shift the focus and look for the positive in any situation. And then I can use this as a way of staying alert and real by asking myself: "What am I learning about myself through this experience?"

Elizabeth is totally honest with everyone (absolutely "no-bullshit" approach) and yet she is very gentle and supports people in their strengths. A distinctive feature of the courses facilitated by Elizabeth is that they offer tools that are very practical (in the sense that Life is here and now!), and are about everyone being real; the emphasis is on each and everyone of us: we can only change our lives if we change ourselves.

Each ISM course that I have been to has been FULL of everything: openness, resistance, laughter, tears, fear, anger, truth, a LOT of fun, and most of all - beauty - our own beauty!!”

Kristijonas Vildziunas<br/>Lithuania

Kristijonas Vildziunas

“Elizabeth Schnugh is a brilliant teacher, and the subject she is teaching is... myself.

At first I was asking myself, how could she know me so well? And then came the answer which is quite simple - we all are the mirrors of each other. One needs to be honest and brave to use this simple truth, and Elizabeth is among the bravest and honest people I ever met.

I had to screw up all my courage to go through the process of learning in the courses.

Many times I asked myself – wouldn't it have been better not to know what I have acknowledged? Wouldn't it have been better to live with a slim mask on my face all of my life? But I have to confess - every time I dared to take my mask off, a light of truth that came in return was so relieving!

Going through the process of self discovery in the courses I have got rid of many heavy stones in my backpack, and my journey became much more joyful, peaceful and balanced.”

Kilkenny, Ireland

“I came upon the ISM Courses by accident really, reading an article in one of our Sunday newspapers on dating and the last paragraph caught my eye. It was about Elizabeth Schnugh and a course she was running in Ireland called "Relationships I".

I logged onto the ISM website to find out more and actually booked the course that day - before I could change my mind! I'm so glad I acted on impulse because my life has changed in so many ways - and all for the better.

Elizabeth supports you to peel away the layers of your life to find the true you, the beautiful you, the worthy you, and supports you to start to live the life you were destined to live. There is no magic, just ruthless honesty and unconditional love.

My journey of self-discovery continues and at every obstacle and every victory Elizabeth is there right behind me along with all my friends that I have had the priviledge to share my journey with so far. I hope that journey continues, and with the support of Elizabeth and my friends, I believe I will reach my full potential - whatever that may be.”


“I came to ISM's first course, Relationships 1, a broken in half woman. One half of me was functioning perfectly fine, the other half of me was in pieces – devastated by the events of just three weeks before when my son came close to dying, and the fact that at some level I was dying, too.

Something needed changing but I knew not how to do it.

I stepped into that class room, for it was a place of teaching and learning, and met with a group of loving, honest individuals who answered my call for support and enlightenment. I asked to be told what they saw and they said 'martyr'. I hated that word always, yet when I heard myself called it, I felt nothing. And that was the problem.

It took that course, Relationships l, and the enlightening and supportive follow up work that Elizabeth Schnugh had us all engage in (though I remember thinking it was a lot of work at the time! LOL) and getting to the next course, Threshold to Excellence, for me to FEEL. To get to a place that could be described as freedom from my old, martyr self and a return to my true nature, which was playful and loving.

I had to feel the pain of what I held buried inside and in feeling the pain, I was able then to feel pleasure in life. It wasn't about releasing and letting go and all that stuff. It was all about feeling.

Feeling that feelings aren't so scary after all. Feeling that pain shows us something is wrong and if we let it, it can help guide us out.

Feeling that holding feelings back means holding life back, holding connection with those we love, back.

In feeling the pleasure of humanity, the gift of friendship and love, appreciation, gratitude, everything grows.

I went from being a thinking being, to a feeling being.

Three years on, my life is transformed. All my relationships are more honest. I speak my truth and I am better able to hear others'.

But perhaps the greatest gift of ISM has been the confidence in and appreciation of life that has been created. As a student of spirituality, I knew at a core level about the beauty of God, Spirit, a Higher Consciousness. But I did not believe it could exist on earth. Not really.

Now I do.

As I have evolved with ISM, through their courses, integrating their teachings with my own experiences and wisdoms and meditation practices, I know that we create what we feel. I feel that truth.

I feel heaven is on earth and I am living it.

Thank you, Elizabeth. Thank you, Theun, and all who came before you. Thank you to those of you who will come after us.”



“There are not many opportunities in this life where a group of people from all walks of life and all corners of the world come together to share what's going on in their lives .

Well the ISM courses for me provided just that and much more . It assisted me to why I was feeling so stuck in in my life, how could I improve and where do I start?  It answered my call of help!.

Each course had so much to offer and was designed in such a way that no matter where we are in our life we can change for the better with long lasting ripple effects. This course made me realise that my life and all our lives work around relationships with each other , but most importantly with ourselves .

That's why I remained getting stuck because I kept leaving ME out of the picture .I now believe for me to reach a state of contentment in my life I need to truly understand who I am as an individual and why I behave like I do .I look at my relationships now to show ME the way and what can I learn from each one good or bad.

The ISM courses provided a safe and fun environment with fabulous discussions, games, and assignments . It provided me with intelligent, simple and practical tools to tackle my weaknesses which kept keeping me STUCK.

Self doubt,fear of conflict, not trusting my gut feeling, playing the victim, playing helpless are just some of my weakness that stood in my way from facing my challenges in life .

The beauty is no one is left behind and with the love, encouragement and honesty in the group you do come out a winner .

Possibly the most significant part of completing the courses is being under the wing of the course facilitator Elizabeth Schnugh. She is an amazing and inspirational woman .Her pure strength and belief is insurmountable.

She does make you decide very quickly if you want to stay down with the turkeys or fly with the eagles .I love watching her in action and enjoy all the mirrors she reflects.

She in her uplifting but ruthless honest approach has a great ability to make you want to reach your potential even if you can't see it first. Thanks to my decision of doing these wonderful courses I am a better and greater mother , wife and person since taking flight with her eagles.”

Efthimios Z

“I have attended several courses. What I appreciate in the ISM courses is that they stay with me and that I have integrated what I've learned in my daily life.

This has given me the freedom and the confidence to look at aspects of myself that I do not want to see. I am now more able to accept and love myself for who I am.

Thank you Elizabeth :-) ”

Caroline Ingelbrecht

“I've been to other courses before and I've read many books, but I never had the experience of a course being so useful and having so much immediate impact on me. Now that I'm back home I'm still digesting what I learnt about myself and I am actually "working" with it.

The knowledge that was shared was very profound and yet very down to earth: no airy-fairy thinking, but things that actually apply to me and to the way I relate with the people around me.

I gained a better understanding of the differences between males and females and of how these principles apply in my life. I was also taught tools that seem very workable to me and that I can use in my daily life.”

Mihail Tsvetanov
Czech Republic

“I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from a course on relationships and how it would help me on my path of personal growth. Initially I wanted to go there together with my wife, since, if I wanted to learn about relationships, it would make sense to do that with my life partner. In the end I went to the course on my own.

The feeling that I was having when flying to the course was that I am going there to learn something about myself, which will help me in my relationships in general. I wasn't sure how this could happen, but I decided to believe my intuition.

Elizabeth proved to be an excellent facilitator and experienced navigator who masterly led the group through the depths of our inner worlds toward that ultimate being living in each of us, who could only be called the REAL SELF.

This inner re-connection caused openness of the heart that many of us could never reach before. The warmth, sincerity and trust, willingness to co-operate and to be in service to each other that was established amongst the group was amazing.

It was the ultimate opportunity to learn not only to read the reflections of the mirrors that surround us, but also to openly serve as a mirror to others. The practical knowledge that we were given at the course will serve us all to build and maintain mutually uplifting relationships, based on real values and truth.

The answer to my question that I had in my mind on my way to the course is clear now: the only commitment that one can have in life is the commitment to the SELF.

By making every effort to build that ultimate relationship with our REAL self we are learning to relate to the world and every person in our life directly from our heart and to live our lives in inclusiveness and truth.

I believe with all my heart that participating on this course is a wonderful way of giving the respect that we all deserve to that wonderful being living in each of us”

London, England

“There is no substitute for direct experiential application of the Toltec teachings in real life, and the relationship course provided an excellent platform in which to practice using the tools.

For me, Elizabeth was able to demonstrate the subtleties and the inter-relatedness of the teachings in an easy to understand style, and help provide clarity on areas pertaining to my own challenges.

At times I found the course to be very challenging indeed, but despite sometimes feeling like a part of me was struggling emotionally, it still felt very right to be there. It felt good to confront fears head-on and see my behaviour for what it really is.

The most beneficial part of the course for me was how all participants were able to interact with one another on a very personal level, as opposed to just sitting back and listening to a teacher say their piece. I enjoyed this very much.

One of the last exercises that we did as a group interested me a lot. At first I found the situation awkward but then I was able to let go of my inhibitions and focus on the task at hand. I was struck by the realization that likely I wouldn't have been able to do that particular exercise at the start of the course, and that some kind of progress had been made.

Not all that long ago I would have scoffed at a course such as this and there's no way I would have attended it. Today I am very happy that I was able to attend the course and I feel priviledged to have done so with such a fine group of people.

I was very much left with a sense that the course had been a rich experience. I would like to thank all who made the course possible and I very much look forward to Relationship Course 2”