Quest for Maleness

“This is the last male course I will teach. I have made this decision in honour of the human spirit. You see, gentlemen, I believe that you and every other man out there is ready and capable of finding your way and of claiming your power as a true male. But if I continue to teach this course, I will be implying that men in general, including you, are not yet ready, and therefore that you still need to be taught.” – Théun Mares, right before teaching “The Power of the Male” course for the last time, on May 28th-30th of 1999.

With the above prompting, Théun Mares was encouraging males to claim their true power in the face of the difficult, yet exciting, times that were lying ahead. He realised that the time had come for spiritual teachers to step back and allow humanity to make the best out of the dire but also all em-powering challenge that had already materialised in 1995.

And here we are today, 2015, sixteen years down the road since Théun taught the last “Power of the Male” course. Wherever we turn our heads, the world seems to be facing a point of crisis. People are complaining about a lack of values and a complete lack of inspiration. For most, who fail to see the crisis as the opportunity that it is, life has become a burden.



There are quite a few men today, who claim that they are waiting for some leader to appear, a leader who will show us the way forward. However, is the leader, any leader, but an exact mirror image of us all, depicting where we are at? For how long shall we continue to sit passively and wait for “someone”, other than ourselves, to come forward? For how long shall we wait for “something”, that we had no part in creating, to happen?

We believe that a lot of the confusion that is so prevalent today originates in the confusion around gender. What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? What are the implications behind the concepts of “male” and “female”? In our present times, men have become weak and disempowered while women, having had to fight for acknowledgement within society, have lost touch with their femininity through the pursuit of male-like qualities. Unless we understand what it means to be male and what it means to be female, we will still be left with each sex feeling isolated and marginalised, as each struggles to find its identity through the opposite sex.

Through learning to understand the true nature and function of men and women, we gain a greater acceptance of each other and we can work constructively towards promoting intelligent co-operation between the sexes, instead of an endless fighting that goes nowhere.

Our approach is very practical and so are the tools we’re using. They are within the grip of any man who is willing to invest his energy and his effort. We are willing to share of our experience of working with those tools and how we soon discovered that we were relating in a better way to the other men and women in our social and family environment. How, at the end of the day, we learned to work in harmony with our true selves.

Some of the key concepts we’ll be introducing in the Quest for Maleness workshop:

  • How to work with the socially-conditioned myths for men in order to access the origin of each myth, as well as its true meaning, for the purposes of acquiring knowledge about ourselves and about our true potential, masculinity.
  • How to access the creativity inherent within all males.
  • How to get to grips with gender and how to relate with both the female and the male.
  • The nature, as well as the purpose, of sexual energy.
  • The place of role models and the effects in men’s lives of over-dominant mothers and weak fathers.
  • How to use the camaraderie that comes naturally amongst males in order to uplift and inspire, instead of seeking partners in crime.
  • The Boy in a Mother’s World.
  • The Man in a Male World.
  • Claiming our true Power as Males.

We are 4 friends who have shared the privilege to have Théun Mares as our friend and guide. He led by example in exploring one’s own masculinity, one’s true potential and in that he also shared with us his inspiration, as well as the tools we can use in order to claim our power as males. Motivated by this same inspiration and through using those same tools, we embarked upon our own journey, upon our own Quest for Maleness. Today, we feel ready to share of our experience with all the men out there who are interested and willing to explore together with us the World of the True Male.

None of us are claiming the status of teacher. We are simply 4 men who do not believe that we are better or worse than the average man of today, but we are willing to stand tall in our knowledge and experience.

We plan to make our Workshop totally interactive. We invite you to join us, to become part of our sharing our own Quest for Maleness and then to share of your own experience concerning your own Quest.

We invite you to claim our power, our knowledge, together!

Sotirios Galanopoulos, Onnik Merdinyan, Georg Beining and Arzhan Surazakov.

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Article: Where have all the Heroes Gone? ~ By Théun Mares