Relationship with the Self

In RELATIONSHIPS I we looked at relationships in general, but in this course we are going to be looking at relating to your spouse, or a prospective spouse. But before you can relate to a person who is so close to you, you must first understand what it is to relate to yourself, which is what this course entails. Therefore on this course you will be learning how to relate to yourself in every possible sense of the word.

Most of us long for a meaningful and uplifting relationship, but if we are ever to have such a relationship, then it cannot be based upon co-dependency. The first prerequisite for any relationship, is that we must be able to relate to ourselves properly and with honesty.

There are very few people in the world today who can truly claim to be inwardly complete, who feel adequate in every respect, and who truly believe in themselves. Instead, most of us feel insecure in some way or other.

In order to hide our insecurities and shortcomings, we have all learned to constrain our behaviour by playing carefully chosen roles. But sooner or later, usually once we are in a relationship, the strain becomes too much, and the mask begins to slip - the real person begins to show. The results are well known!

“Very few people in the world today truly believe in themselves”

In Relationships I, we look at the general principles involved in any kind of relationship, but in Relationships II, we work from the basis that you cannot expect anyone to love and respect you if you do not love and respect yourself. Therefore the accent is on commitment, and on what this means for you.


On this course we will show you:

  • What true honesty entails.
  • How to differentiate between the real you and your behaviour.
  • How to assess and change your self-image, at a physical, emotional and mental level.
  • What it means to be a whole person, and how to achieve this.
  • How to listen to your heart.
  • How to act rather than react.
  • How to find lasting love.
  • What it really means to take responsibility for yourself and your own life, and how to make this work for you.

Our courses assume no prior knowledge or particular standard of education. We start with the basic principles and we move forward from there, always remembering that we need a firm foundation to succeed.

Please note that to enrol for Relationships II it is necessary to have first completed Relationships I as well as the World of Little People and Threshold to Excellence courses. ISM has implemented this requirement because through experience it has become clear that people cannot benefit fully from the material imparted in Relationships II without first having acquired the fundamental tools for relationships imparted in Relationships I and Threshold to Excellence, and having come to grips with their childhood through the material imparted in the World of Little People.

Many people consider that because they may have received counselling and/or done workshops on childhood issues, they have their childhood issues resolved, done and dusted. But we at ISM have found that in ALL cases this does not suffice, and simply because concepts such as awareness, the relative factor of awareness, the formative years of a child, social conditioning from even before birth, etc., is all material that is generally not known and neither to be found in any of the workshops, seminars and counselling activities available to the general public. As a result most adults today live with a stunted emotional and/or mental development. And where there is this stunted development it is not possible to grasp the material offered in Relationships II.

For your own good and for the good of the other participants, NO exceptions will be made to the above requirement.

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