The World of Little People

The Challenges of Being Someone's Child and Being a Parent

True learning, true education takes place all the time, everywhere.

Life doesn't happen only at school.
Life happens all the time.

We need academic schooling in order to establish a career,
but life is infinitely more than merely holding down a job.

Nowhere in our academic schooling are we taught

  • What it means to be a child
  • What it means to be a parent
  • What the purpose of having parents is
  • How we are bonded to our parents, our children, and if we share children, our spouse and/or ex-spouses – for life!

In our opinion the biggest challenge on this planet is raising a child – or someone else's!

“Parentage is a very important profession, but no test of fitness is ever imposed in the interests of the children” ~ Bernard Shaw

This course is for anyone who has ever been a child!

Do you want to start understanding the full impact of your childhood?

Do you want to move forward from your childhood patterns and get on with your life now - instead of constantly being tripped up by the re-actions you invented to survive as a child?

Do you want to ensure you do not repeat the patterns of behaviour of your parents – and their parents before them?

Do you want to ensure you do not pass on your shortcomings to your children?


“We guide you towards rediscovering the forgotten child within to see the world once again from the child's perspective”

This is a relationships course, and therefore, if you are a parent, we do not propose to tell you how to raise your children.

We do show you how to:

  • relate to your children successfully and happily
  • avoid pitfalls, and
  • correct mistakes of the past.

In this forum we guide you towards rediscovering the forgotten child, which lurks within us all, and through this enable you to see the world once again from the child's perspective.

Every child has an openness of mind, and a stark frankness of honesty that is not only endearing, but utterly revitalising and motivating. Yet being so stuck in what are quite often the petty problems of the adult world, we rarely, if ever, come in touch with the child's sense of fun, spontaneous humour, and natural love for all life.

It is therefore no wonder that we all too often shout and scream at our children, instead of appreciating and enjoying the wondrous gifts they bring us.

On this course we show you:

  • what a child actually is.
  • the various stages of a child's development, from conception to young adulthood, and how best to handle these, as a child or a parent.
  • the role of both parents, from before birth through to adolescence.
  • how to deal with behaviour and issues involving discipline.
  • how to prepare your child for school, and how to encourage good academic performance.
  • how to enjoy your children and how to win their trust and respect.

“Let us take you back to where you started off in life before your 'software' became corrupted – way back when you were still PURE, Life Coming Into Manifestation. Let us go back before you became stuck in re-enacting your folly and reinstall the ORIGINAL 'software' and thus REGENERATE the Life you are, and were always MEANT to be – that is, your unrealised potential!” ~ Théun Mares

You may come to this course as a parent, as a wannabe parent, as an adult – whatever the reason, you will each be guided back to your own childhood. You will learn how you are running your life based on a decision made about yourself before the age of 7. Most of us are still children, as our perception of ourselves and our belief in ourselves stalled right at that time when WE decided that we are not OK, not good enough, in some way! We need to come to grips with the child within before we can come to grips with the concept of our true Selves – which is what Relationships II is all about. To do so, we need to head back and re-experience our childhood – and then change the way we see our-Selves.

We will look in depth as to why we got the father and mother we did in this lifetime – or at least look at the possibility that we MAY have chosen our parents – before we look at why OUR children got us – or will get us.

On this course we will also show you:

  • How we made a decision about ourselves back before the age of 7 that permeates every aspect of our lives
  • How to tackle the ongoing challenges presented as we play out our belief that we are unlovable without realising that we are doing it
  • How we pass on behaviour from one generation to the next
  • How to relate to our children successfully and happily, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to correct mistakes of the past
  • Why we chose our parents; and why our children choose us
  • How to change the way we see our-Selves.

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