Investing Responsibly in a
Permanent Relationship

A permanent relationship demands commitment - a full commitment to oneself. However, few people know what it is to be committed to themselves. For most people commitment means promising something to someone else. Yet realise that what makes for a successful relationship is not the promise, but the action: physical, emotional and mental.

Any permanent relationship is in the nature of a long term investment - an investment which requires your everything. Yet who in their right minds will risk everything in an investment based upon a mere promise?

 “A permanent relationship is a unity of spirit that is uplifting in every way and encouraging in all respects”

But a permanent relationship is so much more than just an investment - it is the journey of a lifetime - an exciting adventure of self-discovery, of happy moments filled with shared wonder and joy, sad moments filled with poignant beauty, of mutual support and quiet strength in each other's love. But most important of all, it is a journey of heartfelt respect and unspoken camaraderie - a unity of spirit that is uplifting in every way, and is encouraging in all respects.


If you are prepared to make an investment for life, then we will show you:

  • How to achieve effective communication between you and your partner.
  • How to shift the focus for maximum results.
  • How to define and to fulfill your role as a male or a female.
  • How to define the purpose of your relationship.
  • How to plan and enjoy your mutual adventure.
  • How to assess your problems in their true light.
  • How to become fluid and adaptable without compromise.
  • How to achieve intelligent co-operation.

It is preferable that you do this course with your partner.

Our courses assume no prior knowledge or particular standard of education. We start with the basic principles and we move forward from there, always remembering that we need a firm foundation to succeed.

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