The Challenges of Puberty -
Teenage Camp 1

Putting children back in touch with what it is to be a child, and how to turn life into a fun game.

What we have discovered while working amongst the parents of children going through puberty, is that the parents' own puberty was one with very little guidance. In many cases they are either repeating the same patterns with their own children or are about to.

Where we can come in as a support to parents is to provide the children with a setting for them to experience their own value, potential and creativity.

“Too little is done to help children build the resilience they need to cope when things go wrong.”

For the age group of 12 to 13/14 we believe this is best done in a camp-type environment

On this camp we endeavour to introduce your child to the concept that learning can and should be fun.

We try to show them that true fun can only be had when there are clearly defined boundaries of conduct based upon the universal laws of the interrelationship, the interaction, and therefore the interdependence of life.

In this we show your child that the real fun in playing a game lies in the fact that the game has rules.


Life is the same.

Life is a game that is enormously good fun when we know the rules and when we uphold those rules.

Rules are there so that we can play the game of life, and in playing it have fun as we learn evermore-advanced forms of the game.

We uphold your child in learning to have fun whilst engaged in the game of life, which in the final analysis, is the game of learning.

On the camps we teach the children in a very practical way:

  • To learn that they do have value
  • How to think for themselves
  • Guide them to realise that they do have the answers to their own lives
  • Teach them about making choices and what the consequences of those choices could be
  • Taking responsibility for those choices

We have a sense of urgency based on the results we have experienced with other parents, so we would like to assist parents who want their children to benefit from what we have to offer.

Our courses assume no prior knowledge or particular standard of education. We start with the basic principles and we move forward from there, always remembering that we need a firm foundation to succeed.

Consult the Current Course Schedule for times and locations nearest you.

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