The Journey of Adjustment
(previously Relationships I)

Our first course deals with relationships, for it is in relationships that we generally encounter the most difficulties. This course lays the foundation for much of the other work that we do and is therefore very important.

All of life can be seen as a series of relationships that are interwoven and interdependent. Thus your attendance is not dependent on your being "in a relationship" with a partner; you will still benefit. The reason is because ALL our relationships, whatever their nature, reflect our primary relationship with ourselves.

Life is a most priceless gift, but if we are to savour the full beauty of this gift we must be able to relate to life. This means that we must develop the ability to relate to ourselves and to those around us in a meaning-full and fulfilling manner.

We spend most of our lives interacting with people in one way or another, but we mostly don't know what it means to relate.

Our biggest problems arise in our personal relationships. Because we have a whole heap of unvoiced and unfulfilled expectations, warmth and camaraderie become supplanted by anger and blame. We tend to think that a partner has to supply that which we ourselves lack, and so we often involve ourselves in relationships which are debilitating and frustrating, as they are based on sets of conditions and co-dependency, rather than upon mutual appreciation and sharing.

“We dispel the myth that two halves in a relationship can make one whole, and we show you that if a relationship is to succeed, it needs two whole people”


First, we need to see this in practice and then take the necessary steps to relate better with ourselves. Until we do so, we will continue to experience problems and frustrations not only with a partner, but also in our working, social and family relationships.

Whether at the level of business, social activities or family life, managing relationships takes skill and practice.

On this course we will give you the general principles that will make any kind of relationship work. We will show you:-

  • How to determine what you want out of a relationship with another person.
  • That your inner being is beautiful and is worth relating to.
  • How to make your fear of relationships work for you.
  • The basic differences between males and females.
  • How to deal with conflict, using both your male and female energies to succeed.
  • Intelligent co-operation between the sexes instead of competing with and blaming each other.
  • How to have effective communication in any relationship.
  • How to change the feeling of futility and hopelessness you often get if you do speak up.

Our courses require no prior knowledge or particular standard of education. We start with the basic principles and move forward from there, always remembering that we need a firm foundation to succeed. This is our first course and lays the groundwork for a lot of what we do in our other courses.

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Participant Experiences

“I learned that standing up and claiming my power shook my wife's world. Being ruthless with myself and her provided her the opportunity to also uplift herself. Ruthlessness is absolutely key!”
~ Garrett, Canada

“I realised my relationships are more poor than I thought them to be. There is still a lot of fear in me in really showing myself and trusting life, myself and the other. I also learnt that in order to relate it is important for me to express myself, to express what I'm feeling, thinking.”
~ Peggy, Netherlands